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What the heck is an Energy Audit anyway?

Did you know doors and windows account for less than 10% of air leakage in your home?

An Energy Audit is a comprehensive home inspection focusing on the efficiency of your home. First we do a health and safety inspection on your home. We inspect the outside perimeter of your home for things like leaky gutters, damaged down spouts, grading issues and general maintenance. We also do a similar interior inspection. We want to make sure there are no obvious signs of water infiltration that may cause additional problems.

  • Heater is checked to make sure it is operating at the proper efficiency level. We check to make sure the chimney is drafting properly and that harmful carbon monoxide is not escaping into the home. We inspect the water heater and the air conditioners as well.
  • Crawl spaces are inspected to verify there is no water or moisture infiltration. The whole basement is inspected for water infiltration as well.
  • Insulation levels are inspected throughout the home. The attic is inspected for proper ventilation, air sealing and insulation.
  • Windows are inspected for proper operation and that storm windows, if you have them, are in good working order. We check for air infiltration around the perimeter of the windows as well.
  • Doors are checked for proper weather stripping and air tightness.
  • Analysis of your monthly utility bills and then compare them to national averages. We can make recommendations on ways to save on your monthly usage.
  • Blower door test to pinpoint where the air is coming into your home. This takes the “guess work” out of air sealing.

If you were to take all of the air leaks in the average home and add them together it would be equivalent to leaving a window wide open 12 months a year! You can imagine what this does to your utility bills.

Once the Energy Audit is complete, we then provide a full written report along with recommendation to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. By following the recommendation you can save money on your monthly utility bills year round.

You will be provided with a detailed written estimate for the work that needs to be done and recommend contractors. With the report we provide you can make informed decisions about your home and the best ways to make it more efficient. We can do the work for you, or you can do the work yourself. We can make recommendations as to the best products to use, and how to install them. Our goal is to provide you with a valuable service and give you information that you can take and make informed decisions about.

As Home Energy Auditors we strive to make your home
as comfortable and efficient as possible for the least cost.

The reports that we provide take the guesswork out of your efficiency upgrades and make it convenient for you to have home improvements done to your house. This is something you will be able to refer to for the life of your home.

Realtors and Home Owners

A home energy audit is a great marketing tool for your homes. Add this to the marketing package and increase the sale potential.

Have a home energy audit done, we will provide a report, you will have before and after improvements and utility bills to prove it. We analyze utility bills before and after and can show savings. This is a great incentive for any new home buyers. Who wouldn’t want lower utility bills? Perhaps you could add this into the incentives…

  • Add a home energy audit to the sales package
  • Give a home energy audit to a new home buyer to say “thank you”

Energy Efficient Homes add value. Set yourself apart from the other homes on your block and make yours more comfortable and cost effective to own.

Before you spend the money on windows and doors,
let us tell you where the drafts are really coming from.